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Common Core focused Writing Instruction
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  • Elementary School

    Writing skills and habits are formed in Elementary School. It's the perfect time to join the Ace Academics community of learners.
  • Middle School

    Teacher expectations reach a new level in Middle School. Even the best writers encounter new challenges that Ace Academics can make easier.
  • High School

    Academic writing assignments in High School Literature, Humanities, and Science courses are highly demanding. Ace Academics covers them all.
  • College Services

    Professors expect students to arrive with writing skills in their pockets. Not the case? Time to call Ace for customized distance learning.
  • Summer Camps

    Summer writing Camp Locations: Los Altos, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Mateo, Saratoga

Ace Academics is an individualized, writing-focused learning center. We welcome learners from 3rd grade through adulthood who aim to meet expectations in the classroom, the workplace, and the world. Our blend of comprehensive assessment tools, leading-edge methodology, and gifted instructors is like no other. There are reasons for ineffective writing and we know what they are. We also know how to demystify the writing process and our students soon understand why their own writing isn’t getting the job done. Together, we make progress toward mastering a skill that will serve them for a lifetime. Spot on assessment, superior student-instructor connection, and structured course correction all lead to success.

The tutors at Ace Academics are able to reduce large bodies of knowledge into digestible parts that feed every student’s natural appetite for mental stimulation one bite at a time. We attend to each learner’s natural pace for making sense of new information, assimilating it into their view of the way things work, and owning it for life. This is a highly individualized process that results more from thinking through one’s own questions than listening to other people’s answers. In other words, the less students are told, the more they will learn. No lectures. No workbooks. Just a pen, a whiteboard, a student’s own writing, and a lot of discourse.

The results of our instruction are measurable. Of course we strive to cultivate more effective writers, improve grades, and raise test scores. Just as important is what students notice about themselves. It takes confidence to trust our brains to lead us toward independent achievement with thinking that sees not only the ripples on a lake’s surface, but what lies beneath the water. The individualized methods practiced by Ace Academics foster this kind of critical thinking and bring it to life in precise language on paper. We Make Writing Easy.


Ace Academics is a primarily writing-focused learning center that also offers Test Preparation and College Application Support. We have an ingredient that is missing from other learning centers: our uniquely talented tutors. This select group of tutors, hand-picked for their ability to connect with students, makes us different. Of course we have a great facility, a unique assessment tool, leading edge methodology, and the subject area knowledge necessary to create a natural learning environment.